Uwe Sturmann, Director & Tourism Development Consultant

TOURISMRESULTS specializes in tourism and destination development in emerging markets of Africa, Asia and Pacific, Europe and the Mediterranean, as well as Latin America and the Caribbean.

TOURISMRESULTS focuses on results in several ways as the consultancy applies:

  • a results-based management model where outputs, outcomes and impacts along the results chain are explicitly formulated and monitored;
  • quantitative indicators and key performance indices are measured for results achievement;
  • data collection and tourism statistics as keys for results measurement;
  • data-driven implementation of tourism upgrading and destination management strategies.

TOURISMRESULTS works with the whole range of tourism stakeholders, from private sector tourism enterprises and industry associations to Government ministries and national tourism organisations, from hotel investors to local communities, from individual attractions to large-scale tourism destinations, and of course with markets – from (online) travel agencies and tour operators to the ultimate consumers, the tourists travelling for leisure, business and conferences, visiting friends and relatives, as well as for health reasons and education.

TOURISMRESULTS conducts research, develops tourism products and services, implements strategies and projects, monitors quality and sustainability, and evaluates project performance and results.

Whatever your situation, TOURISMRESULTS will get you the results!